Tailor-made educational and cultural travel. – Enjoy Geology – Art – Music – Architecture – Literature – History – in magnificent Icelandic Nature

At Wanderlust, our focus is on creative exploration – for body and mind. We are specialised in cultural and educational trips for lovers of culture and nature.

Our guides are on the front line of the Icelandic art scene and the combination of nature in creation approached through art, leaves space for magic. So whether you are planning a trip for art students, choirs, lovers of visual art, architecture, music, literature, history or geology, we can help you design your dream travel and be there for you to make it become real according to your particular needs, like length of stay, budget, interest, passions, energy and pace, all within our framework of eco-friendly tourism.

Organic food, delicious delicacies on the road and meals from high quality raw materials, yoga and connection with the locals are all there for you if you wish.