Our tours

Lauren and I had a wonderful time in Iceland last August (2014) of which the highlight was a four day tour in Kerlingarfjöll and Þjórsárver with Wanderlust. Despite challenging weather the tour was a complete success. We particularly enjoyed the amazing colors of Hveradalir and the subtle beauty of Þjórsárver. Nothing compares to the experience of traversing the land by foot, and, in fact, hiking is the only way of exploring Þjórsárver since no vehicles are permitted. The tour guide, Ósk Vilhjálmsdóttir, took great care of us, helping when our gear was not sufficient and cooking delicious food for us. She is clearly extremely knowledgeable about the area with lots of interesting anecdotes to impart.

We thank Wanderlust for the opportunity to get to know the highlights of the highlands.

Eyvindur & Lauren

My first excursions into the highlands of Iceland was under the wing of Hálendisferðir (Highland excursions). Since then I have made many trips. These excursions have taught me to appreciate the unique nature  of Iceland and to enjoy it in good company. The trips have increased my awareness of the environment. Today I do not see the highlands as useless hills of gravel, as many Icelanders to, but rather as a unique gem, just like our fish stocks in the sea.

Unnar Bachmann teacher in Junior College

I am pleased for the opportunity to comment on my experience of travelling with Ósk Vilhjálmsdóttir as guide and leader. I have taken part in several excursions with her, backpacing in the Icelandic highlands. For me, these trips have opened up a new vision of the sub-arctic Nature of our country, which can only be experienced on foot. She is a remarkable person, an excellent guide and tireless “mountain goat” so that her act is hard to follow. Her knowledge of the highlands is also very extensive so every trip becomes an educational experience. Her philosophy of slow travel is absolutely the correct remedy for a sedentary city-dweller to reconnect with Nature and his own senses.

Hörður Filippusson Professor of Biochemistry